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Terrazza Borromini
Terrazza Borromini - la grande bellezza

Terrazza Borromini, la grande bellezza

Terrazza Borromini, la grande bellezza, Via di Santa Maria dell'Anima 30, 00186 Roma, Tel.

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The Terrace is located on the top floor of Palazzo Pamphilj, designed by Borromini in the 17th century.

The view you can admire is unique in the world, as the only chance is to have an aperitif in front of the Bernini Four Rivers, visit Palazzo's frescoes or just look over Piazza Navona.

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The Terraces

In the spaces of the Art Gallery of Palazzo Pamphilj, on the fourth floor, there is the Borromini Terrace, able to frame one of the most impressive views of the famous Piazza Navona.

The splendid terrace set between the bell tower and the magnificent dome of Sant'Agnese in Agone is the unique place where you can enjoy refined dishes accompanied by a good glass of wine.

Terrazza Borromini
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The restaurant

The restaurant is developed in the rooms overlooking Piazza Navona, embellished by Bernini frescoes and framing one of the most precious prospects of the famous fountains in the square.

The Terrazza Borromini restaurant offers a refined menu inspired by the Roman tradition, with the opening of selected raw materials from all Italian regions.

Ristorante Terrazza Borromini
Italian tradition
The Great Beauty

The view that can be admired from the Borromini terrace is just one of the artistic and cultural prerogatives of this historic building, nestled within one of the most beautiful squares in the world.

Palazzo Pamphilj Inside/Outside
Terrazza Borromini - la grande bellezza
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, a unique location between food and atmosphere.